Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One week later......

No bites yet on auditions, but admittedly this venture is still a work in progress and I've still got some rust to shake off.  One of the biggest things I have to overcome is losing my Southern accent.  I'll get there with continued daily vocal exercises and practice, but it sure is thick at the moment!  I chalk it up to two things.  First, not being on the air every day and second, working without headphones.  I get a much truer sound and knock the "Ron Radio" out of me without cans, but alas, there I go sounding like Scarlett O' Hara after a sex change.  Suggestions on how to overcome it quicker are welcome. 

Having said that, the audition process has actually turned out to be pretty fun!  The range of projects I've auditioned for include a web video for the Oakland Raiders!!  As a lifelong sports fan, how cool would it be to have your first gig as a professional voice actor be FOR AN NFL TEAM?!?!  And unlike a working actor, who is locked into the same character for weeks and months at a time if he or she is doing a play or a weekly TV series, you can morph into several different characters in a matter of hours.  That's also one of the fun things about the audition process.....the schizophrenia :-) 

So far this week there's been a corporate video, a tag line for a commercial promoting a new book on Alzheimer's, a short clip for a new social network for bartering and trading a la Craigslist, and the aforementioned video for the Raiders.  For any working voice actors reading this blog, how long did it take from the time you did your first audition until the day you booked your first paid gig?  I don't really have an idea about how long I'll have to wait to start booking some stuff, and your actual mileage may vary.  Just lookin' for a ballpark range. 

Onward and upward toward my first paid gig as a professional voice actor!!  Thanks to everyone reading and sharing in the experience.